What to see

Natural and cultural heritage :

Frontignan has an incredible variety of landscapes: hills, vineyards, lakes, beaches, sea…
The coastline forms a natural barrier beyond the lakes, and creates a long stretch of sandy beaches which measures 7 kms.
The lakes (‘Etang d’Ingril, Etang de la Peyrade, Etang des Mouettes)…  are protected and well kept, a picturesque environment  filled with a wide variety of fauna and flora : Flamingos, herons, moorhens etc… can be seen.
The Gardiole Massif, situated in the north of the town, a natural reserve of over 5,000 acres.  Stroll along the paths in between olive and pine trees which lead up to the peak of the massif, where there is a magnificent view of the lakes and coastline.

  • Une faune et de la flore exceptionnelles et protégées
  • Un patrimoine naturel protégé
  • Enfants sur la plage de Frontignan
  • Les vignes du Muscat de Frontignan
  • Randonnées entre garrigues et vignobles
  • Barques catalanes sur le canal du Rhône à Sète
  • balade Boussole et sac à dos
  • Ruelle du coeur de ville de Frontignan
  • balades nature salins
  • Eglise Saint-Paul à Frontignan XII° siècle