Home of Muscat

Frontignan, Home of Muscat

Centuries of passionate cultivation have resulted in a unique and  cebrated wine, the "petits grains" (small grape) Muscat, which earned  the very first "designation of origin" in France in 1936.

The 100% natural Muscat wines of Frontignan capture perfectly and  with exceptional taste all the complexity of an exceptional landscape.

The vineyards of Frontignan, with their ideal soil and their due south exposure, together with the favourable local climate and winds, allow  us to create this famed and uniquely Mediterranean wine. In the mouth,  its flavours spread deliciously and make a marvellous apéritif, or accompaniment to 'foie gras' and blue-veined cheeses.

Naturally Sweet Muscat of traditional vintage, is a medium sweet wine with overlapping aromas of fig and crystallised citrus fruits.

Dry Muscat is a dry white wine made from the grapes of young vines, it  must be served very cool and accompanies seafood and white meats. Liqueur Wine is pleasantly syrupy, very long in the mouth and  possesses aromas of crystallised orange, figs and honey. Among others, it accompanies chocolate desserts and fruit salads perectly. The Brandy of Marc: Muscat and flower flavours to be enjoyed as  a liqueur or in a cocktail.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, consume in moderation.