Events about Muscat

Festival of Muscat Wine

Festival du Muscat
 A major event of the summer, held in the 3rd week of July, the Festival of the Muscat is a gathering of people, tastes and aromas around the celebrated Muscat wine of Frontignan, one of the most ancient AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) wines of France.

The Festival emphasises the thousand year old link between the town and its vineyards and gathers together professionals and amateurs alike.
In the program: visits to cellars, gourmet strolls, tasting initiation workshops, cinema in the vines...



The Emmuscades

The guiding principles of this event? Cinema. Wine. Conviviality!

Throughout the summer, discover or rediscover classic movies thanks to our outdoor ‘ciné-muscat’ shows, held at one of Frontignan’s wine estates.

The all-in price includes a plate of mussels, a glass of Muscat and the movie.

Information via the Tourist Office on 33 (0)4 67 18 31 60.


Guided tours through the vineyards

From April through to October follow us through the vineyards, the wine cellars, the chateaux and domains.

Appreciate the amazing countryside while walking along the stone paths up in the Massif de la Gardiole, weaving through the pine trees and vineyards.
You can test your skills in identifying different fragrances along the way.
The tour ends with a visit at a wine producer’s domain where you will learn about the art of winemaking,  followed by a free wine/Muscat tasting session along with local produce.

Find all the dates of the guided tours in our “agenda”.
Pre-booking necessary. For more information contact the Tourist Information, phone : 33(0)