Our church, our Museum, our historical town centre

Our museum, our church, our historical town center.

the museum The Museum of Frontignan is free and is an ideal way to discover and understand the history of the town. Situated in rue Lucien Salette in the Chapel of the religious order of White Penitents  built in 1642, the museum houses important archeological and pictorial collections. Also featured are temporary exhibitions plus a sizeable collection of items related to wine production, inseparable from the everyday life of Frontignan for centuries. Tuesday to saturday : 10h-12h ; 14h-18h.

The centrepiece of Frontignan, Saint Paul’s Church, is a surprisingly massive construction, integrated into the town's fortification. this church was built between the 12th and  the 14th centuries. Classified as a "Historic Monument", it is one of the very few religious buildings of the region to feature a wooden ceiling. Visits with a commentary are organised by the church.

For more information: Tourist Office: 33 (0) 4 67 18 31 60.

The French Consuls had the ramparts repaired and incorporated the church of St Paul in the town’s defenses.  From the 17th to 18th century, Frontignan was an important port trading with many other places on the Mediterranean. In 1630, Frontignan became one of the four principal seats of the French Admiralty in Languedoc. In 1666, the inhabitants of Frontignan took part in the creation of the town and the royal port of Sète, created by Louis XIV.

Town center, history records show that the town of Frontignan was built on the site of an agricultural estate belonging to a Gallo-Roman named Frontinus. From the 12th century, the town belonged to Guilhem de Montpellier before coming under the sovereign of the kings of Aragon. It was only in the 14th century that the town was acquired by the King of France.

In the town, you will find traces of its history - archeological remains, fragments of ramparts, lanes criss-crossing and becoming entangled around the town hall. A wide variety of shops and businesses are at your disposal in the city centre. Heritage strolls (commentary in french only) have been created to better understand the town's history.

Information : 33 (0) 4 67 18 31 60.

The "Canal du Rhone à Sète" through the heart of Frontignan

This canal crosses the centre of Frontignan, allowing those navigating the canal to stop off and take advantage of its shops and facilities. the 20 mooring berths are equipped with water and electricity; payment is by credit card. A self service pumping station for waste waters will shortly be installed.