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All year round and throughout the seasons, guided nature walks are organized in and around the rich preserved environment. Why not visit the old salt marshes, the vineyards, the Gardiole Hills or a visit along the coastline. During the French school holidays there are nature discovery classes for children.

For all nature tours pre-booking are necessary at the Frontignan Tourist Office or by phone – 33 (0) / 33 (0)
All guided tours are in french !

Des marais salants à la sansouïre

The old salt marshes

Guided tours are organized for adults and children to discover the flora and animal life in a protected environment.

Les amphibiens des garrigues

Ponds and wildlife

Children can observe with a torch, frogs and fishes that breed and live in the Gardiole Massif.

A guided nature tour especially adapted for children.

Coquillages et laisses de mer

Shells and sea

Guided tours along the coastline:
Learn about the specific vegetation and landscapes.

Les balades cyclosalées

Bike ride in the old salt marshes.

Les apprentis pêcheurs

Discovery  techniques of a true fisherman on the marina then intitiation family at a a fishing party on the beach!

Balade nature p'tits écolos des lagunes

ecolos sur une lagune
With your family explore the secrets of plants and animals of the lagoons.